Basement 159 Geelong function venue

Function & events venue

Arrive at the stairs of Basement 159 and with each step you’ll enter further into the venue’s unique underground experience. Basement 159 offers you new ways to lose yourself in the night. The bar’s variety of taste provides a range of drinks and cocktails – sweet, sour, fresh and bitter – which will surely satisfy your taste buds. Basement 159 presents signature club events, like Fake Chow and Hip Hop Heroes where every week brings something new and exciting to the stage. This venue combined with its impressive live entertainment continues to create energetic and collective atmospheres. Basement 159 prides itself on catering for all patrons, young and mature. Whether you are looking to wind down over a drink and chat after work in the lounge or to explore the extensive cocktails list at the bar that greets you on arrival or to just dance until the morning to celebrate the weekend, Basement 159 is the place to please everyone. Open 7 days a week until late, Basement 159 never fails to provide a reason to drop in and escape for the night.